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circle of life

Circle of life

Nice title eh?

If you are expecting a post serene in nature, with generous dozes of philosophy, stop right here.  This post is primarily about English. Well, not the language but a particular set of four English letters.  Now if your dirty mind is assuming the four letter word starts with F, you are wandering in wrong territory. I never mentioned it’s a word. It’s a peculiar arrangement of four random English letters, which when arranged in this particular order, bring into being rather vicious feelings.

Feeling of being enraged, feeling of wanting to go out on streets and protest (not in a revolutionary mood though), feeling of smacking someone right in middle of his head. Feelings of sometimes shouting out loud in a helpless cry, and sometimes in a defeated somber sigh. On rare occasions, very rare though, expressions of ‘yipee’ and glee also sprinkle. But they don’t usually last long.

These are just some of the feelings, when English letters C, E, S and K and arranged in the order of KESC. I can already sense frown appearing on some faces if you are still reading this and are present in Karachi. Those not in Karachi probably have a victorious smirk on, or will be thanking Lord for His Graciousness. Seriously, aren’t you happy to have left these four letters behind in Karachi, for us chosen ones?

On a serious note (not that I am exactly brimming with delight at the moment), as much as I despise KESC, credit must be given where it’s due. Credit for making us remember Almighty several times in a day when we say “Allah KESC walon ka bera garak karay’. And credit for getting ‘Circle of life’ a new definition. Whatever the wise men thought while penning this term, it sure has a contemporary dimension to it courtesy KESC.

So here is my circle of life. 1) Waiting with heavy heart for electricity to go off any moment (or sometimes at scheduled timings). 2) Turn on Generator/UPS when it actually happens. 3) Switch to alternate method when one of either Generator/UPS gives up in protest. 4) Switch back to KESC connection if electricity ever comes back. That’s where the circle completes its shape. And that’s where the ‘yipee’ expression comes, for a very small point though. Point 4 is also beginning of Point 1.

In between, there is a constant run of trying to keep your Generator and UPS in shape as on a day like today (which is any normal day in Karachi), they produce more than 12 hours of electricity for me. KESC believes strongly in ‘shock and awe’ method, where low voltage produces this shock. Whenever we are in awe of electricity being back, it is followed by a shock of low voltage, and damage caused to electrical appliances due to low voltage.

This circle of life also has a radius. In other countries it might be known as electricity bill, but it is KESC’s answer to Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’. Minus classic dialogues and a killer soundtrack of its own. This soundtrack usually contains a ‘scream’ or some sweet bird chirping we hear after passing out. Unlike Tarantino’s Kill Bill, we get to see a new sequel every month. I am expecting latest any time now.

There is a lot one can write about this circle of life, but I am at the point 3 of my circle at the moment.

Gotta turn the generator on. UPS just gave up.



In recent past, my life has been consumed mostly by football. (Not to be confused with my appearance at all). Other than of course the institution that is marriage, followed by occasional work, occupational marketing, religious choirs like Cricket and Music. I have noted that when I am not on the streets trying to avoid becoming news of any sorts, I am usually thinking about Football. When I say Football, I mean Liverpool Football Club.

During the season, it’s all about Premier League position, European qualification, injuries, heartaches and regular banter with other fans (read mostly Manchester United Fans). In these days during off season, it’s about transfers, more transfers, and raising expectations of nailing next season.

It’s funny how it all began. Funny as in Pun intended, not ‘ha ha’ funny.

It was June’ 1998, andFrance was hosting World Cup. As a 20 year old, I was slumbering on a sofa whenEngland vs Argentina game kicked off. I wasn’t really supporting any team, but had a slight preference towards South Americans being a forever Maradona follower. What I saw was an enthralling and incident packed game. Match belonged to Argentina after a penalty shoot out, and but it is a game remembered either for David Beckam’s red card or ‘that’ goal by someone who went on to become Liverpool Golden Boy. The teenage striker picked up a pass deep in Argentina’s half, beat Jose Chamot and Roberto Ayala with his bewildering pace and then coolly curled the ball past keeper Carlos Roa. All he did between collecting the ball and shooting was run fast, and very fast. It made me sit up and think ‘whoa, who is this boy?’ I knew I have become a fan instantly. So I followed his progress in Premier league and little I knew, it would be beginning of my affair with Liverpool. Ever since then, I have been a ‘Red’ as they say.

That rascal, turned from a ‘red’ to ‘red devil’. Michael Owen, now plays for Manchester United.