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Vote !!

Yes, you are all geared up to vote Imran Khan in next general elections, regardless of when they happen. But before that happens, there are more important elections taking place in Pakistan.

No kidding Sherlock !!

All you have to do is click on Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 and click on those 5 stars. Remember, it’s not going to cost you any money, so if you click on anything less than 5 stars, you are just proving yourself to be really stingy. Oh, and you better do it now, because voting u aends on 28th November, 2011. Yeah, I should’ve told you earlier but it’s I just found out I could promote myself shamelessly here. I am not sure if your one vote will count, but I don’t want to take any risks you know.

If I win, well then I just win. What do you expect? Haven’t you learned anything from democracy yet? If you are a judge reviewing my blog, please have mercy. I have been a good boy lately.


faux pas

I am not a fashion critic. I don’t want to be one, and I am not trying to be one. But I can safely bet, I can differentiate right from wrong, on a very basic level at least. I mean, I can tell when my hair needs a trim, or at least a wash. I can trust myself not to come in public with a hairdo which is rather ‘do-not-do’, something which will make audience run towards exit assuming there is either a short circuit somewhere, or may be a cracker blast.

Annie and the short circuit

So the point I am trying to make is, it really is common sense. Even if someone is trying to fool you into doing something on the pretext of making you look cool, you should be able to say  No, I cannot, rather will not do that. If you fail to say that, following is what can happen.

Saleem Jawed and the Towel

Now let’s be honest here, I am not a fan of Saleem Jawed’s music. Although one should respect the guy for having survived donkey years in this industry. But frankly, I would have rather died than do this. This album cover is probably from his struggling years. One can see poor guy has struggled to get hold of a decent shirt for his photo shoot, thus had to tuck in what looks like errr.. a towel . On a closer look one can see album is titled ‘Music Poison’ with a snake on top probably as an honest warning. How this album cover survived our strict censor board from 8o’s is quite an enigma. Not only did the cover survive, but also the artist and his audience.

Saleem Javed - Muse for Pussy Cat Dolls

So it seems like plenty of people bought music poison and survived. Actually enough people bought for the artist to buy a shirt, and shit load of other accessories we can see from his 3rd album’s cover. This futuristic look later became inspiration for Pussy Cat Dolls’ wardrobe. The arrow going through the heart probably depicts the artistic suffering Saleem Javed was going through. But he did not stop there.

Saleem Jawed and the dance partner

They say action speak louder than words. And that’s why they say it. Album is titled ‘Dance with me’. And it seems the artist Saleem Jawed has a cute little dance partner hanging on to him. Whether that shows dearth of opposite sex in his neighborhood or just his preference for this kind is open to discussion. Good thing is, he again has a shirt on. If you have noticed I am not consistent in my spellings of the artist’s name, that’s because his album covers have used different spellings.

I really don’t hate Saleem Jawed or Javed. His albums covers were simply amusing. Just as this one from once a pop icon Ali Haider.

tarang hi tarang hai

No this was not sponsored by ‘Tarang’, but it might have inspired ‘Tarang’ because this too has a Pakistani festive mood, lots of women dancing, fireworks and a dude probably doing ‘poondi’. How else can you describe it? If you can, have a go.

Whether you love or hate Atif Aslam’s music, there is no denying the fact that he has been accepted in a big way across the border. But below is the original Atif Aslam, who also was a huge cross over hit with his epic ‘Hawa Hawa’. This is what they mean when they say ‘fashion comes back’.

Retro and Modern

Country Music has never really taken off in Pakistan, but that doesn’t means it hasn’t affected Pakistani artists. Below is a local Ajnabi-boy’s take on country make over, complete with hat and leather jacket. Why did Aamir Saleem need that leather jacket in Karachi is still being debated.

Aamir Eastwood