Vote !!

Yes, you are all geared up to vote Imran Khan in next general elections, regardless of when they happen. But before that happens, there are more important elections taking place in Pakistan.

No kidding Sherlock !!

All you have to do is click on Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 and click on those 5 stars. Remember, it’s not going to cost you any money, so if you click on anything less than 5 stars, you are just proving yourself to be really stingy. Oh, and you better do it now, because voting u aends on 28th November, 2011. Yeah, I should’ve told you earlier but it’s I just found out I could promote myself shamelessly here. I am not sure if your one vote will count, but I don’t want to take any risks you know.

If I win, well then I just win. What do you expect? Haven’t you learned anything from democracy yet? If you are a judge reviewing my blog, please have mercy. I have been a good boy lately.


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