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30 things about me

Idea came from twitter of-course. And the fact that I thought no one really read them when I actually did mention few things about me. So apart from the fact that I wanted attention, I did not really have a topic in mind for next post. I then thought why would anyone be interested in reading 30 things about me, it’s not as if I am Justin Bieber, but then I thought why anyone would read my blog. Truth is there aren’t many who read my blog. Those who do will read this one too. If you are not one of them, let’s just say if I was you, I won’t read this. So, in no particular order or preference, here are 30 things about me.

–   I am down with flu at the moment.

–   I love winters, even though it gets me flu.

–   I have never excelled in any of my hobbies. I master them just enough so I can talk about them. E.g. guitars and sports. I fear blogging would be next.

–   A Chinese post graduate in Liverpool once asked me where Pakistan is located. And then went on to ask can we in Pakistan hear noise when US bombs Afghanistan.

–   Racist slurs directed at me during my stay in UK never bothered me, I actually found them funny. My favorite was ‘you f**king Saddam’.

–   I went to Liverpool John Moore’s University only because my friend also got admission there. No regrets though.

–   In 8th grade, I went straight from being cricket team’s 12th man to Captain and led team in final. This change happened because there was a revolt against captain and team couldn’t agree on any of the other 11 players as captain. We lost final by 1 wicket and I scored a magnificent 1 run. Next year, I was 12th man again.

–  I picked up guitar because of Salman Ahmed (Junoon). In my last job, I turned down an opportunity to sponsor his solo performance because I knew he would be singing. Felt guilty afterwards.

–  First urdu audio tape I ever bought was Vital Signs first album. First English audio album I bought was a Best of Bryan Adams compilation.

–   I am writing this post primarily because my wife is watching Sony TV. I am waiting for this drama to finish so my turn of remote can come. (Hey, at-least it’s not Humsafar).

–  I cannot decide on my all time favorite cricket match. Too many options. My all time favorite cricket series would be 2005 Ashes.

–  My all time favorite football match would be 2004 Champions League final. Liverpool came from 3 goals down to beat AC Milan (Barcelona of that era) on penalties. Thinking of that night in Istanbul still gives me goose bumps.

–  My current car, Honda City is the first car I have bought from my own money. Previously I have either had cars bought by Baba or company maintained cars.

–  I am actively looking for a job, yes, still. In the words of great sadistic band Staind, ‘It’s been a while’.

–  I am a sucker for gangster movies. Al Pacino is greatest.

–  During my agency life, once in a client meeting, somehow porn started running on big projector screen. I looked at my colleagues and they all pretended as if they haven’t looked at screen at all. Our lady client left the board room. All this time my boss was frantically pressing his keyboard keys to somehow stop the show. (I know what exactly happened but I can’t reveal everything here).

–  I should start counting these points now.

18 – Anybody who was a friend in school days is now settled outside Pakistan. UK, Australia, USA, KSA, UAE etc.

19 – As much as David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) is the best song writer I have come across, Eric Clapton beats him hands up and feet tied when it comes to playing guitars.

20 – When I visited Lords, I felt like a small child. Can’t wait for the day when I take a tour of Anfield.

21 – Someday I will buy a drum kit, and a keyboard. Even though I will never be able to master them too.

22 – One of my clients planned a lawn exhibition; I forgot (over worked, under resourced) to forward an approved media plan to media department. His exhibition took place without a print campaign, and we blamed all the news papers in the plan. That’s the only work blunder I can think of.

23 – A friend of mine is working with Gulzar Sahab for an upcoming advertising campaign, wish it was me.

24 – I try to avoid conflicts at all costs. To the point of some times agreeing to points I shouldn’t be.

25 – I am comfortable working behind the scenes and without taking credit.

26 – I would like to change point number 25 in my next job, hasn’t served me well.

27 – Is anyone still reading this, if you are, I already like you. Appreciate your patience.

28 – Blues and Jazz are fast taking over Rock as my favorite genre of music. But I would listen to anything sensible.

29 – A friend of mine is also working with Salman Khan for his next advertising campaign. I am happy for him, but don’t really wish it was me. My wife does wish it was her.

30 – I have another mundane day lined up tomorrow.