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Warning: This post is written in a fit of rage, right after Pakistan’s defeat in third T20. If you don’t know the background, go and do whatever you were doing.

Warning 2 (Afterthought) : This post is not to be taken seriously. Even if it is bad, it is afterall humor. You are not supposed to blow up people’s houses over bad humor.


Misbah-ul Haq is that unique character, which brings out extremely diverse reactions from cricket fans. There are Imran Farhats whose very sight brings barrage of expletives. Then there are ever popular Shahid Afridis or Shoaib Akhters who despite all their flaws remain heartthrobs. But then there is this guy, who despite his seemingly simple demeanor and supposedly honest efforts makes me (and countless others) to whack his head with his very own bat. It makes me forget he was captain of that famous green wash. It makes me hate the Y of ‘Yeah Ofcourse’.

Misbah at his aggresive best

Now on a second thought, it’s not just Misbah’s fault. As my friend Sami mentioned on twitter, ‘this is one of the worst Pakistan chases I have seen, and I have seen pretty bad ones’.  So have I. I am really tempted to mention few here.

Mohali 2011: I know what happened, you know what happened. And we all know who did it. Do you really want to go through it?

Somewhere in South Africa 2007: Whether it was in Johannesburg or Durban, who the hell cares. I have tried to erase this game from my memory and so far I have only succeeded in erasing the venue. Rest is still there. Yes, it was Misbah who played that scoop, and forgot there is a Mallu in every corner of the world. More so, at short fine leg. Bastard.

Where it all began.

After it all began

Now that we are on the subject of some classic Pakistan collapses, I will do Misbah a favor and mention some where he was not present.

Sydney 1992 and 2010: Chasing 216, Pakistan was bundled for 170 odd against (no points for guessing) India in a vital world cup match after a comfortable start. They were 100 odd for 2 at one stage. Winning the world cup helped us forget this game. However, 2010 will be tough to forget. Shadows will forever remain over something which only God knows was a collapse of Pakistani proportions or something shady.

Banglore 1996: Yes, India again. Chasing 287, Pakistan scored 248. One word, actually two words but one name. Aamir Sohail. But you know what, I would rather have Aamir Sohail than Misbah.

Faisalabad 1997: Chasing 140 odd against South Africa, Pakistan was shot out for 93. I just remember variety of poor shots.

I can continue few more but it will derail me from the subject of Misbah-ul-haq, as for now, I want to blame him for everything in my life.

As another friend Obaid said on twitter: Misbah-ul-haq, tujhey Allah poochey ga.

Self Explanatory

Oh, and if I was Mobilink Jazz Brand Manager, I woudn’t be running this Jazz- Yeh Khel Apna hai commercial featuring tuk tuk.

Afterthought: I am adding this portion after recieving about 23 emails in response. Only four of which can be be published due to certain ‘rangeeli’ language being used in it. But in anycase, I am happy with the response. It proves 1) Misbah actually has a fan club 2) I have cracked the code to bigger audience. This is already my most viewed post, within 12 hours.

For those who wrote hatemail, and are harmless: This is my blog bitches, go write your own blog. It is effing confusing to select from several platforms and then to come up with contect is not as easy as I thought it would be. So, either deal with it or deal with it.

For those who wrote hatemail, and are NOT harmless: Payen, i was just joking. Tussi te naraaz hogai?? I agree Misbah is the greatest captain Pakistan has had before and after Imran Khan. I believe he should remain captain of all three formats, and also of under-19 team so it can develop, and players like Awais Zia should be taught a lesson at an early stage.



It’s a bright, breezy morning but feels different. Sun, although mellow, feels harsh. Right now, at this very moment, I feel in a haze. There are sounds around me, they surround me like noises.

This sinking feeling is what I hate most. As if you are under the water and cannot breathe. This anger within, I want it to let me go.  It feels so unlike me.

They say night is at its darkest before dawn. This is what they don’t tell you. Is this that darkest moment or the night has just begun?

This too will change. But I will remember this day, and this very moment.

Is this light end of the tunnel, or an incoming train?