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Gaana Gaana Hota Hai, Asli Ho Ya Nakli !!!

I was just listening to some old songs when I came across few inspired numbers from these Pakistani artists. They have all produced brilliant work in their own right otherwise, but whether this was result of a weak moment, or a tribute, only they know. I still love these  local versions, regardless.

Vital Signs have been my favourite local band for a long time. I remember their first album because it was the audio tape I bought and immediately fell in love with all the songs. Back then, I did not have a clue about UB40. ‘Red Red Wine’ was originally written by American artist Neil Diamond, but made famous by UB40. It was only after satellite dish made entry in our home that I found out about this inspiration. By then. Rohail Hayat and other band members did start admitting original source of the song. Well, perhaps they didn’t have a choice.

As a kid, I absolutely loved this Alamgir song, I have searched but could not find the performance video which was quite regular on PTV, directed by Shoaib Mansoor. What i have is pretty bad sound quality but will do for old romantics.

Most of us now know the original song ‘Does you mother know’ by ABBA, from their album Voulez-vous. It featured in Top of the Pops and reached number 1 in Belgium.

After Vital Signs ended, Junaid Jamshed went solo, and did quite well. In one of his Pepsi sponsored album, a completely commercial project which included Junaid Jamshed songs on Side A, and Haroon’s songs on Side B, I was surprised to hear this song.

Originally written by Cat Stevens, now knowns as Yusuf Islam in 1970. Our generation was introduced to this song primarily by the cover done be Mr. Big.

If I would try covering all songs in this category, this post would probably take very long time, but even if I cut it short (which I will), I can exclude the rage which was Babia by Sajjad Ali.

A monster of a hit in early 90s, and everyone knew it was a blatant rip-off, but nothing stopped it’s popularity. The song probably became Sajjad Ali’s entry in Popular music and he did create a niche market for himself. The original song Didi, did same for the artist Khaled, what Babia did for Sajjad Ali. Didi was first arabic song to reach number 1 in France, has been covered in numerous languages around the world, and made Khaled a cross over success.