Mood Lifters

Warning: This is not a post about Ramadan (or Ramzan). This is not a post about mine or your suffering in a Roza. This is not about what to eat or not to eat during this month. (What not to eat will never come from me). This is also not a religious transmission of any sort. We have Dr. ‘Bay-Liaquat’ for that.

So, what lifts me? Those cheeky bastards who are thinking of an answer like ‘ a crane’; well, no, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s either good football, or damn good music. When I say good football, it usually means a Liverpool victory. Those of you who are Premier League regulars, know that a Liverpool win happens only about once a month. So I go to my fall back option i.e music. When I say music, it usually includes classic  Rock n Roll, 80’s rock, 90’s grunge scene (if Liverpool has lost really badly after hitting post three times in a game), classic Bollywood/ local Pop etc.

So this post is a compilation of my personal choices. Music, which lifts me right there when I click ‘Play’. Music, which keeps me going. Something like Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry – an immediate remedy. One of the most covered songs, ever, this one gets my foot tapping from the first note, and if I happen to watch a live version, brings a smile to my face. Sure shot winner.

Or something like ‘Layla’. That gem of an opening riff just lifts off gloom from your life. Something like the reaction from band member in the video posted below at 00:42. What can I say about this song. One of the greatest rock songs of all times, written by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon for their blues band ‘Derek and the Dominos’. In 2004, twenty years after the release of original version, an unplugged version of song was released which itself went on to win Grammy for ‘Best Rock Song’.

Continuing on great riffs, ‘Sweet child o’ mine’, not only has a killer start, but one of the greatest rock solos from Slash. What started off as a joke in a jamming session, went to become Guns N Roses’s biggest hit.

By now, you must have realised rock music will be consuming majority of this post. If you still haven’t realised, take the hint and look away. If you are still on the page, you are either one of my relatives, really have a good taste or have really nothing to do. In any case, Junoon’s ‘Main Ne Kabhi’ should put some life in you. From ‘B’ side of their 3rd album ‘Inquilaab’, this song remains my all time favourite Junoon number, probably just ahead of ‘Tara Jala’. This song has everything a classic Junoon rock number should has; brilliant tempo, lyrical element, and Salman Ahmed at his pre-sufi-day’s-best.

Just after alienating my non-rock-loving audience, I bring my first non-rock entry. Alamgir’s ‘Keh Dena’ has had a sort of resurgence of sort with a new video featuring Kristie Yung. But the original version, has beautiful clean electric guitar licks as intro, saxophone, a fantastic solo (by God knows who) and above all, the man himself. I consider this song special.

There is only one Bollywood number on my cellphone collection, and it is Kishore Kumar’s ‘Ek Raasta Hai Zindagi’ from the movie Kaala Pathar. The song is actually a duet, but as much as I hate the female chorus in the song, rest of it is trademark Kishore Kumar happy go lucky song and it simply makes me feel happy. It is my morning song, and when you hear Kishore Kumar first thing in morning, your day is bound to be good. The song, for no particular reason, also brings back nostalgic moments from childhood, when the only two actors I knew were Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor.

May the music lifts you too.


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