Monthly Archives: September 2012

mad man

I am not sure if my recent itch of getting back to advertising world had something to do with my mundane life or overdose of television series ‘Mad Men’. Even though I am practical enough to realize I am by no means Don Draper. A friend recently told me on phone that he could sense I was dying to go back to advertising. But then, another friend who has recently left advertising warned that “Ashfaq, give it one week and you will remember why you left it in first place”. Some thought, I do have a relation to Mad Men. After all a return to agency life after a stint as Head of Marketing on client side can only be the decision of a ‘Mad Man’.


I am into fourth week of this new role now, and slowly and gradually it’s all coming back to me. It has its highs and lows. Cut throat competition, demanding clients and whirlwind lifestyle. Just like old advertising days (albeit with a new team). Time still flies in this profession, and 24 hours are still not enough to get everything out.  Despite the ever present rush, late work evenings and constant re-briefs, I am actually enjoying it. For now at-least.