Monthly Archives: May 2013


That is a surprise. Baba seems just like he has always been. Full of life, talkative and in control of everything around him. He tells me it’s been difficult few weeks. I ask him how exactly he felt during his recent struggles. Baba was at pain so explain, he said he knew what to say, but didn’t know how to. And then Baba started going through his old routine. He asks about my kids and pulled me up for not having brought them for him to see them. He then asks me what I intend to do about my future; I say I will start to think about it now. He asks me about our recent business venture and I update him on the progress. He looks excited and talks about expansion. His usual haste as I have known all my life. I tell him to wait till we see final results. He then asks for his note book where he keeps his financial records. I hand it over with pleasure. He writes down something and asks for his cell phone. Like his usual self, he calls up his manager on our farms and gets update on the conditions of land. He asks routine queries about availability of water and weather and puts the phone down after some precise instructions. I see my elder brother sitting there, we manage an eye contact and I can sense both of us are thinking same. “Thanks God, its back to normal.” Baba turns his attention to my brother then, and starts talking about elections. He doesn’t seem surprised with results, curses you-know-who in his usual fervor.  They both get into a political discussion and at this point I start getting distracted. Perhaps my selfishness, I am now thinking about how I could go back to my usual routine of doing whatever I do. No more visits to hospitals, no more rush for ambulances and in flurry of these thoughts Baba’s discussion is blurring out in background and some new voices start to take over. I hear my daughter talking to her mother and I wake up.  She is indeed talking to her mother while getting ready for school.

I take a deep breath and try going back to sleep. Wishing I can go back to my dream. As I try to make sense of what I just went through, it strikes me it has now been five days since Baba last spoke. I remember falling asleep last night on a moist pillow wishing to Almighty that for once, only for once I could have a normal conversation with Baba.

Strange ways He has, how quickly my wish is granted.