Besharam – Movie Review

Not only one has to be a ‘Besharam’, but also a ‘dheet’ to complete watching the movie ‘Besharam’. Half of the crowd in the cinema hall left during Interval, and one wonders, why did it take them so long?


It is difficult to describe genre of this Ranbir Kapoor starrer. If it is a comedy, it should have been funny (forced toilet humor is vulgar, not funny), if it is a romantic affair, where was the chemistry between lead pair? As for script of the movie (if it had one), I suggest for any future assignments director Abhinav Kashyap  (Dabangg fame) should assure Rajive Bharnwal (Writer) of payment, because this script for sure was either churned out for free, or as a favor.

Usually Ranbir Kapoor’s movies include several chart busters. The fact that ‘Besharam’s songs didn’t even make it to my brother in law’s  mehndi’s dance list last week, says it all. Lalit Pandit (Music) has given a mediocre score to the movie which in most departments was even less than mediocre.

I did wonder why Ranbir Kapoor chose this movie. Sure he does not have dearth of offers. Perhaps it was a desire to play something different (read ‘Tapori’) from his usual ‘growing up’, ‘getting to know himself’ sort of up-market roles. One cannot really blame his effort. He did act as per brief. Pallavi Shardi, who plays Ranbir’s love interest (I must confess I had to google her name) was plain average.  Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh were okay, but one expected more. Javed Jaffrey left an impact in a negative role.

I am not sure what to say of direction, some action scenes showed hangover of Dabangg, difference being it was Rishi Kapoor playing Salman Khan. Within first half an hour, you get the feeling you know what is going to happen next. Over all, ‘Besharam’ is a down trotted version of a typical 80’s masala fair, to be avoided at all cost.


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