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This is post is basically…I am not sure what it is, but here it is.

I have 319 friends on Facebook. 319. Big number, for an introvert like me at-least. Many of them I have never even met or spoken to in real life. Some of them I have met occasionally, but never interacted with. Friends? Really?

Friends were what I had in School. We grew up together. 11 years in same school, mostly in same class. First day of new academic year meant you would know which friends would move to a different section. There used to be a tinge of sadness and sometimes surprise at the point of finding out. Little did we know this was beginning of what we would be going through most of our lives. About moving on.

Now that I think about school, it had various groups. A group which just played cricket. A group which watched and discussed cricket. A group which loved music and movies. A group which discussed politics or books. And somehow I was part of all of them. When high school finished, I ended up losing contact with most of them. Some lucky ones went to same college as me, rest dispersed. Most, I am not sure where they are.

Then there were those who friends outside schools. Neighbors or family friends. They tend to stay longer with you.  I don’t know if the bond is stronger because you bunk classes together or what, but somehow, we have managed to stay in touch. At least in the sense that I know their whereabouts, if nothing more.

University and onwards I have had even fewer friends. It has never been a conscious decision, but I guess I am not good at making them, or more so at not retaining them. The ones I am still able to call friends (and there aren’t many) are basically ones who have gone out of their way to stay in touch with me.

Yes, I am not right person to be friends with. I don’t follow up. I don’t catch up. It’s not like I don’t care. But I am just too lazy (you can also read douchebag).

At some levels, it is rather sad how we are not able to retain contacts despite these techy advances. Lots of friends have moved abroad. Having lived abroad I know how difficult it is to take time out from daily chores. These are valid excuses.

Worse excuse would be to realize we are not from same sect. It didn’t matter when we were young. Perhaps this is why they say ignorance is bliss.

Then you enter professional life and from time to time you meet people with whom you can sense a connection immediately. Sadly, like school, moving on part comes there too.

So, this is just to say thank you to everyone who has ever been a friend. To those who come in all the above mentioned categories. And to those who cannot be categorized at all.  

To those I have borrowed school lunches or cricket bats from. To those who have lent or have made music tapes for me. Also to those who never returned my audio/video tapes.  To those who picked up their phones just to be told that I have figured out a particular riff or chords of a song. To those who appreciated my writings even though I knew they were not worth much. To those who were there when there wasn’t much, and to those who were everything.

 Thank you guys, I may never say this to you on face (because we hardly ever meet, and figuratively also), but I do appreciate it. Life would not have been same without you all. May you all be happy, wherever you are.