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London Street Performers

Distant guitar plays rhythmically through the tunnels of London’s underground walkway system, or on various spots in Central London, growing louder with each passing step.

That has always been one of the most charming aspects of London for me. I am always tempted to stop and listen to them. Lot of times I actually do it. You get variety of genres and instruments to listen to if you spend a day walking in London.

This gentleman I saw playing clarinet at Southbank.



This rock band played a great set during rain at Trafalgar Square, sitting under a tree. It gives you great feeling to see random strangers passing by suddenly break into dance moves.



I must admit I have not seen too many string quartets perform, but this one at Covent Garden did a very good job. I speacially liked the way they kept engaging audience .



You unexpectedly hear a favorite track walking down the bank, like this guy was covering John Mayer’s version of ‘XO’


Or you end up listening to an Avril Lavigne song right next to London Eye.


Another great thing about London is it’s versatility in terms of adapting and opening up to other cultures and sounds. Since World Cup is flavor of the season, I saw this band play famous Samba tunes

10259990_10152086086150493_1993689717200168397_nOr this guy playing a great reggae version of  ‘a’int no sun shine’

10330471_10152086086495493_7677076148112963308_nAnd there is always bit of Bob Marley influence everywhere

1525059_10152086086295493_8280583701669126512_nAnd last but not least, you will find something amusing which will keep you wondering.

10414928_10152086083710493_1777880844454535307_nThese are just some of the reasons, why I will keep going back to London.