Monthly Archives: November 2015


So Alamdar (my 3 years old son) saw a kitten in our car porch and started feeding him stuff. Kitten started playing with him. One day I came from home and saw them playing, I asked him do you have a pet now? Yes, he said. So I asked what is its name? He took a pause to think and came back with an answer – “Billi Ka Bachay.” I tried explaining him it would be bacha and not bachay, but he insisted on bachay. So it was named Billi ka bachay.


Few days later he went to a school fair and won a gold fish in some competition. Came back with his trophy and put in a bowl. When I asked him about the name, reply was – “Machli ka bachay”.

Whilst putting him to bed at night, I usually tell him a bed time story. He wanted to hear a story with a horse. So I came up with a story in which a prince named Alamdar was riding a horse. He immediately stopped me to ask me what horse’s name is. I said I don’t know, you tell me. Reply didn’t surprise me at all. It was – “Ghoray ka bachay”

As it turned out, kitten was run over by a car outside our home few days later. Last evening fish died as well. When he looked at the empty bowl, he asked me baba where is machli ka bachay. I said I was hungry so I ate it. I could sense his disappointment. He asked why didn’t I eat Nutella, so I replied I don’t like Nutella, and I was really hungry so I fried the fish and ate it. Ok, he said and went out to play with kitten.

Someone told him that the cat is killed. So he came back running and asked.

Baba, did you eat the billi kay bachay too?